Rotary Club of Purulia Service Center

Rotary Club of Purulia Service Center

Rotary Club of Purulia Service Center


Rotary Club of Purulia has been working for “Eye Care” since its inception in the year 1968 and started annual “Eye Camps” for operating needy people in this most backward district of Purulia. As the day dawns, it promises to bring forth new happiness, more peace and reduced suffering to all mankind. It gives us an opportunity to have a look behind our shoulders at what has been done and plan for a better future and work towards attaining it. It all began in the year 1978. Seeing our enthusiasm to eradicate blindness and the yearly ‘Eye Operation Camps’, Rtn. Soli S. Pavri, the then RI Director and Rotary liaison to the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, inspired us to take up a permanent eye clinic project and assured us all the necessary help. An initiative of Rotary Club of Purulia receiving complete support all along from the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind took the form of Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre, formerly Rotary Service Centre (Eye Clinic), which proudly stands today as an awe-inspiring monument signifying the Spirit of Service to Community, a hallmark of Rotary Club of Purulia and its Rotarians. This flagship service outfit has been serving the poor and the needy by making their dream of having access to better eye care & treatment a reality and surely has its job cut out for the days to come. It has provided better vision to thousands of people and promises to continue in its journey on the chosen path.


Everything went right from the thought level itself, the motivating factor being selfless service. From laying of the foundation stone by His Holiness Sri Sri 1008 Swami Swaroopanandji Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotishpith on 23rd February 1980 to the active functioning of the IPD & OPD in the permanent eye clinic building on 30th September 1982, everything was nothing short of a divine miracle and a blessing for the rural mass of this backward district of Purulia. The completed two-storey building that you see today was inaugurated on 8th February 1985. Much contribution towards the construction of the building in the form of land and money was received from abroad as well as local bodies and golden-hearted individuals.


Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre is located at a beautiful site facing the Lake on the western bank on the West Lake Road, having a construction area of approximately 14,000 sq. feet.



Out Patient Dept. 1 : Patients are examined by the Doctors in the OPD, which has 3 chambers for the ophthalmologists.

Vision Room 1 : Refraction is carried out in the Vision Room.

Minor OT 1 : Minor procedures like, Tonometry, Syringing, etc. are performed in the Minor OT.

Major OT 2 : It is an Air-conditioned facility where ECCE, SICS with IOL, Trabeculectomy, Evisceration, etc. procedures are done.

Septic OT 1 : An air-conditioned facility where several minor procedures involving infected cases are performed. This system is connected with the Sankara

Tele-Ophthalmology Centre: Nethralay, Chennai. Our doctors discuss the case history of patients with the doctors of the said institution as per their necessity and also participate in the seminars organized there.

Computerization : Integrated Hospital Management System has been implemented in our hospital to provide fast and better service to the patients and store data.

Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre is a 65 (Sixty Five) bedded Eye hospital. Accommodation for patients in the In Patient Dept. includes :
General Ward : 4 (2 Male + 2 Female)
Private Cabin : 10

There is a Canteen which primarily caters to the diet requirement of the patients during their stay in the hospital. This facility is also extended to the relatives of the patients and the staff of the hospital. Equipment’s include :

Yag Laser – Carl Zeiss Visulas – II (1 no.)
Phaco Emulsifier (2 no.)
Operating Microscopes – TAKAGI – OM5 (3 nos.)
Operating Microscopes – BRILLIANT (1 no.)
A-Scan Equipment (2 no.)
B-Scan Equipment (1 no.)
Slit Lamps (3 nos.)
Autorefractometer (1 no.)
Autorefractometer with Keratometer (1no.)
Keratometer (1 no.)
Ophthalmoscopes -Direct & Indirect (3 nos.)
Automated Perimeter (1 no.)
Non-Contact Tonometer (1 no.)


Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre, was started with the aim of providing quality eye care services to the poor section of the community and reaching out to the interior rural parts of the district of Purulia and make eye care facilities available to them, making Purulia district free from Avoidable Blindness. For the last 25 years it has succeeded in doing so to a great extent. But there is still lot of work to be done in this field.


Area of Service : As years pass by, the impact is being felt. Today this hospital is serving people from two states covering several districts. Besides West Bengal, people from the state of Jharkhand are also being benefited by this service. Given below are districts from where patients come to this eye hospital :

West Bengal: Purulia, Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Purba Medinipur, Hooghly

Jharkhand : Bokaro, Dhanbad, Singhbhum, Saraikela, Ranchi

Base Hospital Service Profile :

Daily Services include OPD & IPD services where Patients are examined and surgeries conducted daily (except Sunday) in the well-equipped Operation Theatre. Speciality Services include :

ECCE for only Medically required cases
SISC with PC/AC IOL implantation (Suture-less)
Laser Capsulotomy using YAG LASER equipment is the first of its kind in this region.

Other Surgeries & Services include :

Trabeculectomy (Glaucoma)
Many other Minor Surgeries including DCT, Pterygium, Chalazion, etc.
Diagnostic Services include Blood Sugar Examination & Medical Fitness Test for the patients who need to undergo surgery.



Vision Centres :
Reaching out to more number of people and making eye care services available to them, an initiative to develop Satellite Vision Centres was undertaken.

The first Vision centre was opened on April 30, 2006 in Barabazar, a small rural town in Purulia district some 42 kms. away from the base hospital. This centre is housed in the premises of Barabazar Rotary Community Corps. The Medical & Paramedical team for the base hospital visits this centre on alternate Thursdays to examine patients and provide preliminary treatment. Surgery cases are referred to the base hospital.

Rural Eye Screening Camps :
Rural Eye Screening Camps has been adopted as a penetrative strategy to reach out to the interior rural areas, making eye care services accessible to them. This facilitates the unreached people in the Camp performance is given below :

No. of Camps
No. of patients screened
2012-13 152 13,177
2013-14 238 18,523
2014-15 317 21,727
2015-16 370 15,331


Community Service :

Ambulance Service – 24 hours
Oxygen Service – 24 hours


Medical Team :
The hospital has four doctors to attend to the patients.

Dr. Debashis Banerjee – Ophthalmologist
Dr. Abhi Jyoti Sengupta – Ophthalmologist
Dr. Pramod Kumar – Ophthalmologist
Dr. Tushar Kanti Mukherjee – General Physician

Para-Medical Team :

Besides, there is full-fledged team of Para-Medical to assist the Medical team to conduct surgeries and OPD examination.

Trained Nurse – 4 Nos.
OT Nurse – 6 Nos.
IPD Nurse – 6 Nos.
OPD Nurse – 5 Nos.
Pharmacist – 1 No.
Ophthalmic Assistant – 3 No.
Optometrist – 4 Nos.

Administrative Team :

The Administrative team plays a vital role in supporting the Medical and the Para-Medical Team to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. Managing day-to-day affairs is their key role.

Administrator – 1 No.
Registration Staff – 2 No.
Clerk cum Purchase Manager – 1 No.
Data Entry Operator – 2 Nos.
Store Keeper – 1 No.
General Duty Assistants – 5 Nos.
Driver – 3 No.

It is this team that makes what Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre, what it is today.


The performance of Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre has grown exponentially over the years. Given below is the statistical detail of its performance in the Rotary year (July to June) 2015 – 2016.

OPD patients : 71,379
Cataract (Non-IOL) : 36 (Medically required cases)
Cataract (IOL) : 4,756
Cataract (PHACO) : 1,191
Glaucoma : 03
Minor (Other) Surgeries : 294
Total Surgery : 6,277
No. of Spectacles recommended : 11,073


Rotary Club of Purulia Service Centre is managed by a group of Rotarians of Rotary Club of Purulia which forms the Managing Committee, headed by a Chairman, who takes care of the Administrative affairs of the hospital.

A Chief Medical Officer looks after the Medical affairs of the hospital. He is well supported by a team of Ophthalmologists, and a Para-Medical Staff.

Both these are supported by an Administrator assisted by his team of Administrative Staff.


Adopt a penetrative strategy to reach out to the people of interior rural areas of Purulia district.
Provide support to the Dept. of Health, Purulia district by providing necessary eye care services.
Perform 10,000 IOL Surgeries annually.
Develop SATELLITE CAMPS in Purulia district to create outreach vision centres and source patients to the base hospital.
Enhancement in the Patient Accommodation Facility in the hospital.

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